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Best of Sioux City Winners Announced

When you ask the public to decide on what is considered “the best” of anything, the competition is bound to be heated.

And it was for the first Sioux City Now Best of Sioux City competition.

We asked our readers to vote on everything from the best burger (above, at Jim’s Burgers) and restaurants to top realtors and dog groomers. We sought your votes for best first date and best non-profit, too, and the votes didn’t disappoint.

So now we get to reveal the winners, those top dogs of their respective categories. A quick note about the winners, and those that did not show up on these lists: Remember there can only be 3 winners (unless there is a tie), so if you didn’t make the cut, there’s always next year. In fact, many of our favorites were close, but as we said, the competition was hot, with more than 350 votes tallied.

Throughout the year on Sioux City Now, we’ll feature top food, companies and people from the winner’s circle.


rebosBest Restaurant

  1. Rebo’s, 1107 4th St. (above)
  2. SoHo Kitchen & Bar, 1024 4th St.
  3. Minerva’s Restaurant & Bar, 2945 Hamilton Blvd.

Best Burger

  1. Jim’s Burger, 800 Pierce St., and Red Robin, 4900 Sergeant Road (tie)
  2. SoHo Kitchen & Bar, 1024 4th St.
  3. Half Moon Bar & Grill, 714 S Lewis Blvd.

Best Mexican Food

  1. La Juanita’s, 1316 Pierce St.
  2. Monterey Mexican Restaurant, 3138 Singing Hills Blvd
  3. Tacos El Guero, 525 Pearl St.

Best Asian Food

  1. Da Kao Restaurant, 800 W 7th St
  2. Diamond Thai, 515 W 7th St.
  3. Hunan Palace, 3521 Singing Hills Blvd.

Best Appetizers

  1. Applebees, 4555 Southern Hills Drive
  2. Main + Abby, 111 3rd St.
  3. Bev’s on the River, 1110 Larsen Park Rd.; Minerva’s,2945 Hamilton Blvd.;Rebo’s, 1107 4th St.; and SoHo Kitchen & Bar, 1024 4th St. (tie)

Best Coffee Shop

  1. Pierce Street Coffee Works, 1920 Pierce St.
  2. Starbucks, 2301 Hamilton Blvd.
  3. Jitters, 306 Virginia St

Best Pizza

  1. El Fredos, 523 W 19th St or 4511 Stone Ave
  2. Jerry’s Pizza, 1417 Morningside Ave., and 328 W 25th St.
  3. Bob Roe’s Point After, 2320 Transit Ave.

Best Bar

  1. Buffalo Alice, 1022 4th St.
  2. Work & Church Booze Parlor, 215 4th St.
  3. Firehouse Bar, 1211 5th St.

diving elk

Best Beer Selection

  1. The Diving Elk, 1107 4th St. (above)
  2. Old Chicago, 5030 Sergeant Road
  3. Buffalo Alice, 1022 4th St.

Best Drink/Wine Menu

  1. Bev’s on the River, 1110 Larsen Park Rd.
  2. Pearl’s Wine & Booze, 417 Pearl St.
  3. Luciano’s and The Diving Elk,, 1107 4th St. (tie)

Best Happy Hour

  1. Minerva’s Restaurant and Bar, 2945 Hamilton Blvd.
  2. Main + Abby, 111 3rd St.
  3. Firehouse Bar, 1211 5th St

poke stack at Bev's on the River

Best Restaurant/Bar Patio

  1. Bev’s on the River, 1110 Larsen Park Rd. (right)
  2. Minerva’s Restaurant and Bar, 2945 Hamilton Blvd.
  3. Firehouse Bar, 1211 5th St

Best Sports Bar

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings, 5001 Sergeant Road
  2. Bob Roe’s Point After, 2320 Transit Ave.
  3. One-Eyed Jack’s, 3091 Hamilton Blvd.

Best Live Music Venue

  1. The Chesterfield, 1225 4th St.
  2. Anthem at the Hard Rock, 111 3rd St.
  3. Doxx Warehouse Bar, 1219 5th St.

Best Karaoke Night

  1. The Chesterfield, 1225 4th St.
  2. Work & Church Booze Parlor, 215 4th St
  3. Bergie’s Bar, 215 4th St

Best Tattoo Shop

  1. 712 Tattoo, 826 Morningside Ave.
  2. Living Art Tattoo Studio, 2016 S St Aubin St.
  3. Addictive Tattoo, 4018 Morningside Ave.

Best Dog Groomer

  1. Bark Avenue, 1007 Morningside Ave.
  2. My Best Friend, 3537 Singing Hills Blvd.
  3. Petco,1742 Hamilton Blvd. and PetSmart,5001 Sergeant Road (tie)

Best Doggie Daycare

  1. Bed & Biscuit, 4302 Stone Park Blvd.
  2. Morningside Happy Tails, 6801 Morningside Ave.
  3. The Dogwood, 1200 Northshore Drive, N. Sioux City, SD

Best Place to Workout

  1. Four Seasons Health Club, 1600 7th St plus 3 other locations
  2. Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA, 601 Riverview Dr, South Sioux City, NE
  3. Ultimate Fitness, 1922 Geneva St. plus 1 other location


no. 7 band

Best Local Band

  1. No. 7 Band (above)
  2. Kelly Quinn Band
  3. The Emily Johnson Band

Best Car Dealer

  1. Knoepfler Chevrolet, 100 Jackson St.
  2. Ideal Wheels, 1901 6th St.
  3. Jensen Imports, 3909 Stadium Drive, and Sioux City Ford Lincoln 3601 Singing Hills Drive (tie)

Best Salon

  1. Belle Touche, 1772 Hamilton Blvd., plus 2 other locations
  2. Elements of Beauty, 326 W 25th St.
  3. Hair By Stewarts, 2915 Hamilton Blvd. plus 3 other locations; and Rick & Company Salon and Spa,1914 Pierce St. (tie)

Best Realtor

  1. Madison Bower, Century 21 ProLink
  2. Vanessa Lefler-Larned, Century 21 ProLink
  3. Julie Skaff Gregg, Coldwell Banker

Best Radio Station

  1. KSUX (105.7 FM)
  2. Z-98 (97.9 FM)
  3. Q102 (102.3 FM)


Best Local Semi-Pro Sports Team

  1. Sioux City Musketeers (above)
  2. Sioux City Bandits
  3. Sioux City Explorers

Best Annual Event

  1. Saturday in the Park
  2. Awesome Biker Nights
  3. ArtSplash

Best Kid-Friendly Outing

  1. ArtSplash
  2. Scarecrow Farms, 1592 Charles Ave, Lawton, IA
  3. Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center,4500 Sioux River Road., and Saturday in the Park, Grandview Park

Best Place for a First Date

  1. Bev’s on the River, 1110 Larsen Park Rd. and Rebo’s, 1107 4th St. (tie)
  2. Kahill’s Steak, Fish and Chophouse, 385 E 4th St, South Sioux City, NE
  3. Promenade Movie Theater,924 4th St.;SoHo Kitchen & Bar, 1024 4th St.; and Trattoria Fresco, 707 4th St. (tie)

Best Non-Profit

  1. Community Action Agency of Siouxland
  2. Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue
  3. Sioux City Growth Organization and Support Siouxland Soldiers (tie)

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